Beer Cocktail


We’re not usually cocktail drinkers, we usually reach for a beer over anything else, but this weekend we made ourselves some cocktails with beer IN them! The main ingredient in these beer cocktails is a sweet syrup made by reducing down some of our Honeymooner Coconut Porter. We used this recipe we found on Gizmodo as a guide.


We used 500 ml of our Honeymooner Coconut Porter.


We brought it to a boil and reduced to a simmer for 40 minutes, stirring every minute or two.


We then weighed out our reduced porter and combined it with the same amount (in weight) of sugar. We shook up the mason jar to combine and then started mixing different cocktail concoctions.


We settled on a combination of our Coconut Porter Syrup, Bourbon & London Porter. In an ideal world we would have used all Coconut Porter in place of the London Porter, but we just didn’t have enough to spare!


We garnished it with some fresh pineapple slices. It tasted a bit like a malty Old Fashioned. Our guests seemed to enjoy and drank them up!

Let us know if you have any interesting beer cocktail recipes.

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